Thanks so much for visiting my online store. I am excited to present to you my handcrafted soaps, skin care products (coming soon) and accessories. 

me & hubbyI've had a passion for all things natural and handmade since my early adult years (which were quite some time ago).  Always looking at the ingredient list on soaps, lotions, face creams, etc., I worried about those ingredients that I didn't recognize or that I couldn't pronounce.  While it's possible that the majority were fine, I had my doubts and wanted to know and understand exactly what I was using on my skin.  I began my soap making journey with a simple melt and pour soap, which I loved but became curious about making completely handcrafted soap.  Finally after several years, with a lot of encouragement from my husband, I took the plunge and discovered the joy of making soap from scratch, and I was hooked.

I love the simple ingredients that go into a handmade bar of soap. There are so many options for skin-loving oils and butters, natural (essential oils) and man-made fragrances, herbs and botanicals. I feel so very blessed that I am able to create a product that I personally love to use on my skin and that I am now able to share with you.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about any of the products you see or would like to see on the site, please feel free to contact me   Again, thanks for visiting and I look forward to providing you with handmade, quality soap and skin care products now and in the future.

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